Sunday, June 5, 2011

So much to do... little time. That is so very true. The other day I was thinking of things that I missed doing and wanted to start back up, eventually. I got a small list together which looked like this...

Read books
Read comics
Play guitar
Listen to music
Work out
Play video games
Watch movies
Work on yard
Hang out with friends
Keep house clean

The list doesn't look long or all that difficult to get accomplished, but it is. A lot of it can get done, I think that I just need to organize my time better...well...duh....

A lot of it also depends on my work schedule. I have decided that I am not going to work as much as I have. That is easier said than done, but I think that I have to put my foot down somewhere, because work surely isn't going to help me in that. I think if they had it their way, I would never get to leave. For some reason, they want me to have all of the hours and send everyone else in the department home. That's not going to happen anymore. Something has got to change and I think that I am the only one that is going to force that issue. I absolutely have to. If they don't like that, then something will definitely change.

It feels like it should be a simple thing, but for me, it just isn't. As I type this, I feel a little stress coming on, or just my stomach wanting to knot up a bit. I am not one to get stressed out either, but thinking about work has done that to me....and that is not a good thing....enough about that (for now).

and from the "it's about time" department here is my random picture for this entry....

ok, Chris give us some more updates on your movie there, I need more! Oh! I didn't realize that the next movie is due out on Raymond's birthday next year! Sweet!!