Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Day Late....

...ok, yeah...whatever...so I am a day late on updating my dumb little blog here, I know that. At least I am trying today, right?! Better late than never, I like to say...

To be honest, I had a little bit of writer's block...big whoop. I wouldn't really say writer's block, but I don't know how else to put it. I even had a hard time trying to pick images to post on the tumblr and the flickr but in the end, I got it done. I am a little bit proud of myself for keeping it up (kinda)...for what!?!? Three weeks now! A bit of a moral victory there. In the end, the Social Media Monday is doing it's job of keeping my attention. It's just a little goal that is very attainable. I just have to keep it going....I think I can, I think I can, I think I can....

Well now...what to write about? How about Raymond, Ruby, and I going camping for the first time ever. Well, as camping as we are gonna get. It was a Boy Scout's event at Camp Strake just past the Woodlands. We were able to park right where we camped, they fed us, and there were restrooms everywhere...camping?! Well, we did have a tent, and slept in it, so yeah...camping. They had archery, sling shot shooting, crafts, and bee bee gun shooting. Poor Raymond, so small, it was hard for him to really get off good shots or efforts. He loved attempting to do these new things, but gets down and discouraged when the outcome reveals itself. I know one day he will catch up and do as well as everyone around him, hell...even better, but for now he just has to keep his head up. It's hard, I know. Hard for him and hard for Ruby and I to watch, but one day...one day....

I can even see the anticipation in his eyes when his turn comes up. I see it, I know what he is thinking. In his mind, it's going to be the best thing ever. He is going to be the best, he is so excited, but then...reality sets in. Oh poor kid. It's a little bit crushing for him, but he just goes along to the next thing. One day...

Camping was pretty cool...well, check that...fuckin' cold. In the overnight hours, it dipped to about 49 degrees. Waking up in the middle of the night and feeling your face just cold as hell...damn!! Making sure Raymond was ok (he tends to kick off the covers) was a constant challenge, but when it was time to wake up, we all had the covers over our heads. It was a fun weekend, and it is the very reason he wanted to join the boy scouts..camping!!! He loved it and he can't wait for the next camp out...in March. To be honest, we can't wait either.

Not to be lost in all of this? The Girls stayed at Little Grandma's house over night! A first there!!! They were a little disappointed in not being about to go camp, that Ruby fixed it and bought them their very own Disney Princess Tent in which they actually slept it! Boy, did they love it!! So success all around!!! Hooray!!!

A few odds and in's to finish off.

Work picked up for me, so much so that I missed running all of last week. Don't worry, I picked it back up on Monday morning and hit 2 miles. I will not go under that anymore!! I should be at almost 4.5 miles now! Damn getting off of routine!!!

The person that was going to make us some raised gardens out of cedar (I am not the most handy person to do it on my own) kinda flaked on us. Garden is delayed. In the end, we might have to make our own....grrrrrrrrr!!!!

On Thursday, I pull Raymond out of school early, make him nap a little, and off to see Gwar for the second time for him!! So exciting!! For me....and for him too! He has permission to miss school on Friday since we will be mixing it up in the pit and will be too worn out to go to school....not really, but kind of!

The primetime Texans games has really screwed with Family eating and drinking Sunday...it kind of sucks...Go Texans nonetheless!!!

Ok, done...it's 22:20 now...I have done my round of updates!! Enjoy! Please give me feedback on all fronts!!! I need it, good or shitty...

Monday, October 14, 2013

"Social Media Mondays"

I have now deemed Monday, "Social Media Monday" in the hopes that I can update my blog, flickr, and possibly Tumblr accounts. It's just a little something that I thought up to help me be motivated, or just to keep up what I want to keep up. I am trying to have much more of an effort to take pictures and just to do a whole lot more that I have wanted to do, and I hope this helps me keep it going.

If you guys can check back and give me feedback, suggestions, I would really, really love that. This is the first Monday that I am actually trying it, so the scheduling of it is a bit off. I hope to have it done in the mornings, but sometimes...just sometimes...work (or other things) can get in the way. But alas, here I am trying to live up to my new little goal here. I know they aren't going to be earth shattering or mind blowing at first, by they should improve as I go on...again, I hope....(a lot of hope here, isn't there?!?!!?)

I have quite a few pictures that I need to share, but I am trying to keep the updates to a minimum in hopes that I can stretch out the updates while I keep taking more (hopefully, right?!---there we go again).

For now, I will leave it at that. I will leave you with the links, just in case. Please feel free to share them, or not. But I do look to you guys for encouragement, criticism, and motivation. I need your help here!!