Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Lack of updates.

Gas has really been low in the evenings after three straight days of park visits. Tonight is no exception. 

Day two was Epot Center. Really nice park, and the kids had a great time. A few beers from around the world and you have a great day. 

Dat three was Hollywood Studios and with that means Star Wars!  What a day, I loved it personally and the kids had more to do as well. I gotta say Star Tours was a fun time. I cannot even imagine what the Star Wars Themed amusement parks that Disney has planned for the future will be like. Amazing is a word I think of. 

Well, tomorrow is a park free day (so far), but a little adult time will be in order. Til then...

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Getting day two started...

...the same way as yesterday, in the very back of a vehicle. Yesterday was a bit better than today. Riding in the back of a pick up truck > Riding in the back of a Honda CRV.  All day, e'eryday...

Monday, December 28, 2015

Day one of the parks

It finally happened!  We ventured to the parks today.  Disney Animal Kingdom was first up.  Nice park and we got there early enough that there wasn't much hassle.  Most of the rides we did weren't that long a wait, 50 minutes at one of these massively visited parks is virtually nothing.  Seriously.

There was crying, more than once and not much money thrown around by us.  Raymond rode his first real roller coaster....and it went well.  I skipped out on it as I am not the biggest roller coaster guy, but Ruby and Grandpa went with him and he was as happy as could be.  Of course I wasn't really sure how it was going to go.  I figured he was either going to love it, or he would never ride another one again.  Safe to say, he will be riding more in the next few days.  On the way out of the park for the day, we stopped in one of the gift shops and Raymond found the shirt that said "I conquered Everest," which was the ride he rode.  We skipped out on it, but I have a feeling we will either get it here, or online for a little cheaper.  I think we almost have to.

Of course there was crying, and on more than one occasion.  It certainly appears that the girls are not down with getting wet at all at amusement parks.  We rode a "Thunder River" type ride (for those that know the now defunct Astro World), which is like the big tube like ride that you sit in with about 10 other people.  Well the girls all got it good.  They were not happy, while Grandpa and I barely got touched.  They crying seeming lasted an hour or so.  Oh, they got over it, but rest assured they will not get on another ride that involves water.

All in all, it wasn't as bad as I thought.  There is plenty more I could get too, but running short on gas at the moment.  I hope I got the jist of it out here.  (Below is the "Tree of Life" is massive and very cool looking, it is about 145 feet tall and about 50 feet wide)

Let the games begin!

Ok. Getting ready to go. It's 08:00 EST We wanted to be there by now. Oh well sure it will packed no matter what. Ok. A few pictures later, maybe a big update tonight. 

Sunday, December 27, 2015

We made it!

Does anyone need to go to the restroom?  Seriously!  Geez. 

More later!

Waffle House?!?

Yes, Waffle House. My worst nightmare realized. It's all good, first place we saw and we are starving. Hope this get us to lunch, I am sure it will. 


We have hit Florida!  5:50 a.m. and still have like 7 more hours..D'oh!  I dozed off a little and Raymond has been up since the last stop. We just saw a nasty accident with a body ejected from a car. 

Haven't seen one of these on a while. 

I am Ruby's copilot...

Second stop of the trip.  4:10 in the morning. We are in Mississippi somewhere. Refueling and Ruby is finally taking over. I can still go, with only the aid of one of the Starbucks espresso cans. This has gone a bit smooth than I thought. 

Saturday, December 26, 2015

First pit stop.

1:23 in the a.m. And we just made our first stop to put gas and use the restroom.  I am feeling ok so far. About to load up on my energy helpers for the first time as well. So far, so good. Raymond lasted almost 3 hours. He was excited to hit Louisiana. 

Start the trip to Disney...Post One.

Here goes nothing. Not looking forward to the overnight drive...gotta fuel up...