Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A quiet night a home alone, and a new post!

A quiet night alone at home, and I do mean quiet.  No one here but Oscar, Skywalker, and Me.  All signs point to this being summer.  Ruby went to work out and kiddos are all at Big Grandma's house for a two night stay.  I was about to jump on the ol' company laptop to do some work related stuff, and decided to give the ol' blog a good once over.  (What's with the two uses of "ol"?)

It made me happy to see the very few posts on here.  The few posts about our Disney trip made me especially happy.  I'm actually glad that I did them.  I kind of wish that more people saw them.  No biggie though.

Before I got to my work related activities for the rest of the night, I figured I post something right quick, and probably search for some family type things to do in Houston this summer.  We typically haven't done much with the kids over Summer break, and this year I would hate for school to return only to find that we didn't do much of anything.  Time is a precious thing.  The kids are getting to be too big for my liking (kind of), trying to spend as much time as we can and enjoy them while we still can.

Hopefully with scouting out and finding things to do, means more posts on here.  One can only hope.  Check back periodically.  Ok....later...