Friday, April 24, 2009

Well, I love the rainy nights...

Well, maybe not so much tonight. You see, when I watched the weather report this morning, there was only like a 20-30% chance of rain and it wasn't likely that we were going to get any rain at all. Well, they were wrong about that this time. We are getting to relive Ike a little bit too, seeing as we don't have any power. It's about 9:24 and it must have gone out around 7:50-ish. This night isn't going the way we wanted our weekend to get started. Did I mention that it took me about and hour and a half to get home due to an accidnet? See?! I told you!

To top that all off, I missing game three of the Rockets and Portland series. Man, missing the home opener kind of sucks. I wanted to see how the hometown crowd was going to react!

In any event, we always have Raymond as great entertainment. It's always a little bit nice to have the tv off and not be glued to it. We will do that some nights. Just turn off the tv and enjoys each others company. For now, I just stay updated with the Rockets score and update my blog via the ol' iPhone....

Well time to check up on the score...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Houston Texans 2009 Schedule

Hmmmmm....just when will the twins hit in this schedule?! Can't wait!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

(Happy) Easter - Random Hits and Random Thoughts

I hope everyone had a great easter! The day certainly turned out a lot better than the "weatherman" anticipated. I know that we could probably use the rain, but I am glad that we didn't get slammed.

Man, I told you this was going to happen...believe me now?! It's a bit of a slap in the face for some of us.

Well, I guess the football news will keep coming. I believe that the 2009 NFL football schedules are due out on April 14th or 15th, so be on the lookout for that!! You know I will post the Texans schedule here on that very day!

This is an actual "action figure" -'s a little freakin' creepy, but I think that I will probably be owning it at some point in the future. I mean, I think I was meant to own it, don't you think?

I have been watching the Astros play this season, and it could very well be a long season. They have been in most of the games so far, they just can't get over the hump and get in front, but at the same time, they have gotten "whupped" in other games. I will keep watching though...that is just the Houston in me. God, help me.....

The beach house is fast, it could be surreal this time around. Just think about just might be the last one ever!!! If not, then they just won't be the same from this year on. I mean, there is an outside shot that they will continue, but there are no guarentees there, you know?! I mean...HELLO! TWINS IN THE NEAR FUTURE!!! Get it now!?!?

*****April 5th was the 15th year anniversary of Kurt Cobain being murdered.....errrrrr...killing himself. Man, 15 years already!??! Holy shit, time passes by so quickly. I hope everyone will honor him by listening to some Nirvana this week. I know that I will be. In any event, this is probably one of my favorite Nirvana moments...Here my little tribute, weep for him, won't you?!?

Just a little background, this Nirvana clip is taken from one of the most wanted and desired concerts off all time, and only Courtney has access to it!! Oh, please Courtney...will you ever release it!?! (and maybe on bluray!??!)

Well, I guess I will end it on that note....till next time!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Some Important Dates

Just in case you don't know....

We are about 13 weeks along in the pregnancy.

Our next doctor's visit is April 9, 2009. It's just a checkup.

The big date is May 14, 2009. We will find out the sex of the babies in this ultra sound!

The original due date is October 15, 2009.

The doctor's office did say that the due date will more than likely be much eariler. Their goal for us, is to go at least 34-35 weeks. That would put us at a due date around September 3rd at the earliest.

So far, that is all about the news that I have on the twins. If anything new comes up, I sure will update everyone. For now, here is another picture of the twins taken a few weeks ago....

oh yeah! I believe that The Buck's have a very important date tomorrow (April 7th) as well!!!