Monday, October 14, 2013

"Social Media Mondays"

I have now deemed Monday, "Social Media Monday" in the hopes that I can update my blog, flickr, and possibly Tumblr accounts. It's just a little something that I thought up to help me be motivated, or just to keep up what I want to keep up. I am trying to have much more of an effort to take pictures and just to do a whole lot more that I have wanted to do, and I hope this helps me keep it going.

If you guys can check back and give me feedback, suggestions, I would really, really love that. This is the first Monday that I am actually trying it, so the scheduling of it is a bit off. I hope to have it done in the mornings, but sometimes...just (or other things) can get in the way. But alas, here I am trying to live up to my new little goal here. I know they aren't going to be earth shattering or mind blowing at first, by they should improve as I go on...again, I hope....(a lot of hope here, isn't there?!?!!?)

I have quite a few pictures that I need to share, but I am trying to keep the updates to a minimum in hopes that I can stretch out the updates while I keep taking more (hopefully, right?!---there we go again).

For now, I will leave it at that. I will leave you with the links, just in case. Please feel free to share them, or not. But I do look to you guys for encouragement, criticism, and motivation. I need your help here!!



Laura said...

I finally got around to checking out flickr today! I can't wait to see more! Good luck with your project/goals!!

nick said...

Thanks!! I wish more people viewed them....