Thursday, December 31, 2009

So long, 2009...

Ok, the updates didn't come as "furiously" as I had anticipated.  Sorry about that, I have some quiet time now, so let me try to make this update worthy of your time. 

2009 is coming to a close.  That is truly amazing.  I think that I am ready to get the 2009 stink off of me.  Oh, this year wasn't as bad as I made that statement sound, but I am certainly ready to "start anew".  2009 was a year in which I let laziness and procrastination really set in.  I hope to change that in this new year.  I think that is the biggest thing that I look forward to changing, personally. 

2009 had some great moments, of course.  Another year of Raymond growing, the Twins' arrival, another year of the beach house, and countless get togethers with friends.  Moments to always cherish to be sure, but you always hope that the new year has many more and that things turn in your way more.  Will it?!?  You never really know, but it is always nice to think ahead and hope that things are improved for you.  Man, winning the lotto next will would make things better, right?!?!

I hope to have a little bit more free time next year as the girls continue to grow, but I don't count on it so much.  In any event things will continue to be interesting with all of the kiddos.  I can't wait to see what happens, you know!??! 

Well, as 2009 comes to a close, I hope that everyone can reflect back and either smile, or kiss the year goodbye, and hope for a better 2010 for everyone.  So kick back, drink your favorite drink with close family and/or friends and enjoy the moment, because that is what it is really all about, right?!? 

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jd150807 said...

The winning lottery numbers next week are 15 7 9 24 33 and 4. The power ball is all in your hands...that's if you play that one.