Tuesday, February 16, 2010


The girls are five months old today and Raymond is well on his way to becoming four (well the latter in about four more months, but still)!! Pretty scary to me! If I think about it, I still can't believe it. Really. As with everything, this has had many up's and down's. The girls are really going to make things interesting for us I think. I am really going to have to reflect on my Jedi training and remember to use patience, for anger most certainly leads to the darkside. Oh, I wish Master Yoda was still around to remind me of such things.

I don't know why I am trying an update tonight. I am feeling pretty worn down today. Two straight days of staying up past 12:00 and then waking up and staying up past 5:00 is starting to ware on me good. Still, I try my best to do things around the house, although tonight I haven't done a whole lot. I hope we can get Raymond in bed a bit earlier tonight, I may really need my energy tomorrow and the rest of the week at work.

Here's is where I start to get random...brace yourself..

- Baseball season is coming fast. The trucks are on their way to Florida, or are probably there already. Curious to see just what the Astro's have, which is probably not much, but me being a homer and everything I will follow. Probably from a distance though.

- You know, I can't find any footage of Ken Caminiti at all?!?! Nothing on youtube, I was a little surprised at that. He was one of my favorite Astro's despite the steroid and drug use. He was a troubled soul.

- Val Kilmer coming out in the new SNL movie "MacGruber" Movie?!?! Really?!!? Man, who did he piss off to fall like he did?!?

- I have been obsessed of sorts to PJ Harvey lately. I like her music.

- Raymond loves anything Batman! Ok, that is nothing new. I am going to attempt to take him to a comic book convention in March. I am excited, but mainly for me. I could end up blowing some cash on that day....

- How come I can't lose any weight. Could it be that I am not really trying?! Maybe....

- Come to think of it, I can't find much footage of Vernon Maxwell either. I really liked the way he played basketball. He was one of my favorite Rockets, despite his troubles off court, which were plenty. I think he is locked up right now.

Alright, that is all for now. Catch up later.

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