Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bengals vs. Texans

As nervous as I was about the state of the Texans (and hell, all of Houston for that matter), I was able to go to my first NFL Playoff game. It was fun to be at a game that the Texans were victorious.

It also marks the first time that Raymond attended a Texans game. I don't think I could afford to take him other wise. Not to mention meals and drinks anyway, it was pricey. He had a great time and I am sure that he will not soon forget the experience. He fed off of the crowd. He watched and learned when to wave the towel and yell. I didn't have to coach him at all. He was amazed when some tackles happened, he smiled in amazement. I taught him the "FIRST DOWN" chant, and he took it from there.

It was great to see him happy about the game. As I have found more and more, just about everything has turned into "for the kids". I am probably more happy that the kids are happy. Not that I can't enjoy myself or anything like that, it is just that much more better when the kids are having fun.

Now the tough task of going to Foxboro to take on the Patriots again. Not many teams get a second chance on playing and beating a team. They have a unique chance to make things right. I fully expect them to play better, and make it a close game. If it's a close game, anything can happen. Still...I am nervous...c'mon boys! Leave it out all on the field!!

Bulls on Parade!

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