Friday, May 17, 2013

"At last we will reveal ourselves to the jedi..."

" last we will have our revenge.." Darth Maul

It's finally arrived! May 17, 2013. I have been looking forward to this day for sometime now. Yep, that's right...the release date of Star Trek: Into the Darkness! It has finally arrived, and it is now at the theaters.

With that being said, can the official work on Star Wars now really begin? I fully suspect that it will...very soon. Once Abrams gets done with the press, which Star Wars is interfering with the interviews already, maybe a short break for him and then full fledge pre production. Hell, Disney has already said that they are scouting locations in like Iceland, and even had a press release that they are indeed going to film in the UK (Where the original Trilogy started...full circle).

It's unclear just how Disney will handle the secrecy aspect of the filming. I am sure with any big time movie, especially Star Wars, they are going to try and play it close to the vest, but how close exactly? I know that most things that leaked in the prequels, Lucasfilm made websites pull a lot of pictures and such...I would think it would be something similar, wouldn't you? Surely casting news will soon be coming, I think that most have an idea of just a few that may show up in this movie. What other news will make the light of day.

It's an exciting time for a fanboy of Star Wars, such as myself. There is a lot of pressure riding on this. Disney took a gamble. Abrams has a lot of pressure, especially. What I have seen in a few interviews from him already, he seems to be happy and ready for the challenge...or that could just be my wishful take on it. What's cool is that he has said that they have already started on somethings...but in the very early stages of it. That's exciting in itself...oh to be a fly on the wall....

My biggest wish or concern with the new trilogy is that there is some sort of redemption for the saga. Let's face it, the prequels were not great, by any stretch of the imagination. I still enjoy them a little because, let's face it, it is still Star Wars. It is somehow better to watch when there is a child present that digs them too, so that helps. I think most fans think that Abrams will bring this redemption back the the story, which is why I say that he has a huge amount of pressure on him. I think a lot of us think he can do the job because he is a true fan, someone that fell in love with the Holy Trilogy...which is what is giving the rest of the fans, "a new hope" (ugh, that was terrible, wasn't it?)...

Only time will tell, and unfortunately, we must sit and wait. Waiting patiently is all we can do, and we will all drool over the little bit of news and pictures here and there that make their way onto the internet...

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