Sunday, July 28, 2013


It's been a weird 24 hours for me. Ruby and I hit the eleven year mark being married, but it also marked the passing of her Grandfather that was battling lung cancer (mesothelioma). He passed on the way to Brownsville to seek medical treatment, apparently he had been in some pain for a couple of days. He passed in Mexico, which means the entire clan had to make the convoy to Mexico. Ruby went, reluctantly I know, but deep down she knew that she had to.

Being our anniversary, I found myself pretty sad that she went. I had to focus my attention to the kids, but was still sad. It was weird for me. Usually birthdays and holidays like Valentine's Day are just normal days to me and don't really amount to shit. This day kinda falls into that category in the grand scheme of my thinking, but it hit me. I know, I find myself getting soft in my old age. Struck me, I mean the day wasn't particularly special. We had no plans for anything, except for the grill being started up, but that isn't a big deal. When she walked out the door to meet up with family, I felt sad. I wished that she didn't have to go, but of course, she had to. It didn't help that I didn't end up receiving any kind of update from her, text or call for at least 16 hours or so. I knew that she was fine, but still. I wasn't upset or anything like that, I was just wanting to hear an a-ok from her or something.

So far, so good...considering the circumstances of course. They lay him to rest tomorrow around 1:00, and she hopes to be home around 10:00 or 11:00. Another long day for her, but rest assure I will sleep much better with her beside me (who knew that having more space in the bed wouldn't mean a better night's sleep!?!?!?).

Well, I better go sit with's He-Man time.

Just a random post, I guess I needed to get this off of my chest somehow.....

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