Sunday, July 12, 2009

Once again, it's been too long...

...Ok, so it has been a good while since I had an update around here. I don't know what it has been. I guess I really haven't felt up to it, or "creative" enough to come up with anything to write up anything. It certainly hasn't been due to lack of events going on, that is for sure. We have had the beach house happen, my birthday, doctor's visits for the babies, preparations for the babies and so much more. I would say that all of that is way too much for me to try and back track and recap, wouldn't you agree?!?!

Everything has been moving along, you might even say a bit too fast, but there isn't a whole lot that one can do about that. Yes, the twins will be here before we all know it, and life as I know it, and everyone around us as well, will forever be different. For that, now is pretty much all about preparing for their arrival. Well, don't get me wrong, I am trying to soak in this remaining time that the "three of us" have left. This weekend I starting taking a lot more pictures of Raymond here at the house. I will probably upload the pictures on Raymond's blog before the night is over.

That being said, the arrival of the Twins got a lot more real after attending a "multiples breast feeding" class with Ruby. It just seemed a lot more real. I mean, you know they are moving around in there, but that class just kind of made it so much more real. During the hour and a half class, I keep thinking back to the first few days when Raymond was born just trying to recall how everything is going to be again, although, I am sure that it will be so much more different. Man, I can't even begin to imagine how the first night at home alone with them is going to be. Wow! You know!??! Man. We are going to have to learn to adjust all over again.

I am assuming that I am going to have to take my two weeks vacation once they are born. Mainly for the lack of sleep that there is going to be. In a lot of ways, I can't wait. I am sure that it is going to be a whole other learning experience, and I am almost certain that it is going to be frustrating all over again. If memory serves correctly, the first six weeks were really tough...well, maybe the first year...LOL!

Well, this should be the first in a series of updates. It might be more of a progress report on the preparing of the Twins. It get more and more real with each passing week. Ruby has a shower next week. That will be the first of a few. Not to mention that Raymond's third birthday is the weekend after that. Check back soon!

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