Thursday, July 16, 2009

Quick Twins Update

Went to our four week-ly ultra sound today and everything seems to be going as perfect as you can imagine....

The Twins doubled in size! One is 2.4, the other is like 2.3 (can't remember exactly).

Just everything is going so well. According to the doctor today, bed rest for Ruby seems very unlikely, only if she stays off her feet and doesn't try to save the world!!

The goal for Twins, as it turns out, is 37 weeks. We are 27 weeks today! 10 more weeks, if everything works out!! That is so close, if you think about it!!

Holy shit!!!

I am excited!!


Laura said...

I am excited too!!! Keep the updates/blogs coming!!!

jd150807 said...

wow! twins! gonna be great man!

mike the drummer said...

Tomorrow (August 1st) will be spectacular!