Wednesday, May 25, 2011

...An update, and a random pic... I am again, trying to update after several weeks...

Right now, I am currently enjoying a much needed vacation, a week and a day off of work. It's nice to be off of work, in any capacity. Sure, we aren't getting nearly everything accomplished that we would like, but it is nice nonetheless....

Beach House 2011 came and went. It never seems to last. This year's was different than years past...that isn't a bad thing, it's just different. I don't think that I came even close to drinking the amount that I have before. I guess the best way to describe it this year was that it was just low key; more chill than ever before. Another sign that we are just getting older!

What you find about vacations when you have kids, is that almost nothing goes as planned. Kids will definitely make sure of that. You just have to deal with it and enjoy the time that you have off. I think that I have for the most part. I really don't have anything to complain about since I am not at work. That is all that I really want. Another factor is that I think that I have so much that I want to do, it is almost impossible to get to them, or get them done. It's all good.

Well, here is the random picture that I eluded to in this entry's title. I don't know why I am putting this, but I really liked it when I first came across it. Jim Henson's passing was something like 21 years ago on May!

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