Thursday, September 22, 2011

The New 52

For those who don't know "The New 52" is a pretty big gamble by DC Comics. They decided that they were going to relaunch their 52 comics. I mean completely start over from scratch. Some of them without even acknowledging the past...well, for the most part. I guess they were wanting to get fresh takes on their old characters. The launch started this month, and sadly I hadn't had the opportunity to pick up a title here, a title there. Rumor had it that first prints were flying off of the shelves. I figured that they would. To my surprise, I received a Batman and Robin #1 in the mail this week (I had a subscription to it before the new titles came out), and lo and behold, it was pretty damn good. By most accounts this gamble by DC is paying off. Sure they are only one issue deep, but most of the responses are positive. Hell, it got my curiosity back into comics. By no means am I going to get all 52, but I sure would like to grab a couple more titles soon. Ok, enough nerd rant....

Hmmm....let's see...well, I didn't get to finish off on updating on my vacation week, but day four and five were fairly uneventful. I didn't do a hell of a whole lot, but that was completely fine with me. Although, I did have lunch with Raymond at River Oaks Elementary, which was pretty cool. It ended badly though. He had a hard time with me leaving without him. He cried and cried. I wasn't expecting that at all. It kind of sucked, but I did have to leave. I hated that part of it, but of course, everything worked out ok in the end...he got over it and finished the day off at school.

Another year and the Texans find themselves at 2-0 again. In a lot of ways, it feels a little different than last year's fast start. They are about to get into a very tough part of their schedule this weekend. They go on the road to take on the New Orleans Saints. When the schedule first came out, I thought they weren't going to have a shot in the Super Dome, but now I am not so sure. They definitely can win the game. Will they? That is a different question. If they can with stand the blitzing that is going to be thrown at them, they have a big time shot of beating the Saints. I would really like them to, man, that would be freaking great!

It's been great hanging with Eric out this year and pulling for the hometown team. A little shade of the ol' 1990's for me. I hope that we can continue to hang out on Sunday's. If all goes well, he has cooking duties this weekend...I cross my fingers on that...

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