Friday, October 12, 2012

I never thought....

...I never thought that I would be proud and excited that Raymond is a Tiger Cub Scout. I mean, really...I didn't...well, it happened.

On the first week of school, Raymond caught wind of the boy scouts and all that they do. I think that camping part is what sold him. He is pumped and ready for camping.

After a couple of weeks, we kind of forgot about it, until Ruby remembered and sought out the info. She got it, and he still wanted in. I thought to myself, "you really don't want to be a boy scout, do you?!?!", but naturally, I didn't mention it, or didn't trying to talk him out if it. I mean, really?!? A boy scout?!

He was, and is now, in! We went to our first Den Meeting, and he even received his first badge, the bobcat badge for memorizing (sort of) the pledge, the salute, handshake, motto, and law of the pack. (He had a little assistance from the Tiger Cub Mother, who is Mom of one of Raymond's Kindergarten friends)...I'll never tell!

We unfortunately missed the camping trip by a weekend, but there surely will be other times. I wasn't in the scouts, and pretty much know nothing about it. I am fairly excited to learn together about all of the things that they do. I know that it will only benefit him.

It's yet another page in Raymond ongoing book. Another thing that I have never imagined that we will be doing. It's been a fun ride, and it is only getting better as time continues on. I hope to be apart of as much as I can. So far, I think that I am batting for a very high average in that department. As the girls get older, there will be more things to learn for me and to be apart of as well. I just hope that there is enough time in the day for me and Ruby to keep up.

We surely are trying....

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