Saturday, November 15, 2014

Raymond is sentimental....

Raymond is a certainly a great kid. He just is. He is happy, smart, loving, and more than all of that, Raymond is sentimental. Oh my god, is he ever. It's so awesome to see and experience it, but sad too.

Today, we obtained tickets to the Disney on Ice at NRG Stadium. So the whole Tribe made the trip out to see it. The kiddos loved it. Even Raymond for it being so Disney Princess heavy, hey...he is kid still. We watched the show and decided to have a family dinner at Barnaby's Café in River Oaks. His first time there since he always spends the weekend at Little Grandma's and never wants to leave, even when she wants to go out to eat, he simply refuses. A nice dinner and it was time for him to go back to Grandma's house because he wanted to and he needs to keep her warm when it is cold outside he always says.

Ruby dropped off me and the girls and then went to take him to Little Grandma's house. When she came back home, Ruby told me that Raymond started to cry because he didn't want to ever forget today. They tried to assure him that if he always thought about it, that he never would forget. He is just like that. It's what he does.

A while back when talk of possibly moving started heating up, Raymond didn't want to move and started to cry because Elke (the family cat) was buried in the backyard. He couldn't think of us leaving her. Now, I have to figure something out on that front, but there are countless other instances of this kind of events.

Anyway, since I had sometime, I wanted to type this up since it was fresh on my mind...this just happened about an hour or so ago.

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