Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving is gone!

Another thanksgiving has come and gone already! It's still hard to believe too! This year's thanksgiving was a bit of a change up than in previous years, but it was cool!

It was the first year that we attempted to do things on our own. Laura and Ruby did a wonderful job with all of the food! Everything that they whipped up was super tastey...and I mean everything, we seemed to have a lot of food leftover (which isn't a bad thing). I am pretty proud of myself this year for not pigging out either. I didn't get disgustingly full or anything even close to that, and that definitely is a good thing.

The one thing that does kind of suck is having to go to work tomorrow, unfortunately it is my scheduled Saturday. In a way though I don't really mind it, it should be slow...wait is that good or bad?! Well which ever way you look at it, I will be at work either way. I haven't decided whether or not if I am going to take advantage and get some actual work done or not yet. I guess it all depends on how I feel in the morning. We will see...

Before I end this ..
I am typing this up on my iPhone while Raymond plays with all of his trains in his room. He likes for someone to be in his room while he plays. I don't mind it sometimes. I figure I just update this while he plays.

Ruby has been on the couch asleep since about 10:45 (it's just past midnight now) with the tv on, blasting loud! She gets up way too early, I guess...

It's a little tough typing this all up on this phone, and I didn't realize this entry was this long!!

Oh well, guess I should try to convince Raymond to go to bed since I ha e to get up at 7:00...

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