Friday, January 9, 2009


Well, the holidays have come and gone and 2009 is here. The holidays were nice....different, but nice. New Year's Eve was a bit more mellow than in the past. Still, it is nice to get 2008 out of the way. It was just a different year.

I don't have a whole lot of news on a personal front, I guess that is why the blog updates have been very few and far between. I have had a couple of things swirling around that might make me update a bit more here in the coming days. For now, I just have a couple of quick hits about 2008....

First, the Texans had a disappointing season. They kind of salvaged it there towards the end though. Hopefully 2009 will be more like the 2008 season we all thought it was going to turn out to be.

I was trying to reflect back on top shows that I saw last year. It was hard for me to figure that out. The Russian Circles, The Burning Brides seem to stick out. I am sure there were other shows, but I have a hard time trying to remember exactly.

2008 had to be, without a doubt, one of the laziest years for me personally. I don't know what it was about it, but it just turned out that way. I am going to try and change that, and get off of my ass this year. I really am. I need to.

On another note, I didn't follow too much tv shows last year. I only say that now because I am glad to see Scrubs get some attention by ABC. It can be a funny show, one that I actually like. I need to catch the first two episodes this weekend. Having said that, I only have one thing to say about TV shows....."24"!! I hope that it is better that the last season. It seemed a little weak to me, which is one of the reasons that I skipped it....I am looking forward to it starting up this weekend....

Anyhow, I hope that this entry didn't seem too forced. I mean, it was a little bit (maybe it sounds all over the place?), but hopefully I can knock the rust off and have a better next entry!

Well, tomorrow is yard work and the quest to pick up the new Shiner 100 year anniversary beer that is rumored to be out! Yay!

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