Monday, July 20, 2015

Keeping things going....

Looks like last week was a good week for me to start up somethings that I have let slip away.  It felt good too!  Work was kind to me which gave me time, and no real excuse, to put things off.

A little exercise in, a little stretching in, a couple of posts here, and even a little guitar practice in.  I literally knocked a little dust of my acoustic...well...probably more than a little dust.  I even kept that rolling into this week already.  I feel my hands loosening up quite nicely.  I definitely need to keep on going on that.

There are a couple of things that I found that I need to adjust.  My exercises fell off as the week drew to a close, but I did see that there are some effective and easy things that I can do at and around the house.  I just have to commit a little bit more.  Now, if I can only adjust to eating a little bit **cough, cough, a lot*** better, I will be on quite the roll..

I was even slow enough at work that I was able to drive around Houston (the East End) and scout a couple of things that I would love to take some snapshots of.  Boy, oh boy has it been way too long for me to do that.  Work has gained so much stream for me here in Houston, that a lot of that freedom that I once had to sneak off and take pictures really don't exist anymore.  I felt great to be able to do that, even it was just to site see.  I know blow that dust off of my camera and have it ready for the next time I get to disappear during a slow work day.  I hope to have one of those days soon.

Ok, well.  That is all that I have for today.  Here is to continuing on these things that I have already started, and maybe starting up a few more!

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